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The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2017 29-09-2017

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2017 on the 29th of September. Within the frames of this […]

The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2016 16-09-2016

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2016. Within the frames of this program on September 30th, 2016 […]

1app Application Development Competition – Announcement of Results 16-09-2016

The result announcement ceremony of this year 1app Application Development Competition (by the BME Mobile Innovation Centre) will be held […]

1app Application Development Competition 04-03-2016

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Welcome to the Mobile Innovation Centre!

Period after Closing Knowledge Centre Programme – Goals and Motivation

During its activity the Centre:

  • participates extensively in EU initiated R&D programs
  • increases its revenues using domestic and international financial resources
  • finances itself by its services, competition revenues and R&D contracts

The Mobile Innovation Centre intends to be the regional Hungarian R&D centre in its scientific field in the future.

Besides the research purposes our testbed is available for our partners in domestic SME section who develop telecommunication applications.

Services of the Centre contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness of domestic enterprises and extension of innovative developments.

Circumstances of Establishment

The MOBILE INNOVATION CENTRE was founded and financed by National Office of Research and Technology and the Centre is built on the co-operation of universities, an academic research institute, industrial enterprises, network operators and other research or innovation related organizations. The Mobile Innovation Centre was founded in order to answer the scientific and technology related questions that can contribute to the clarification of problems in the future heterogeneous mobile and wireless networks, launching 3G services and B3G mobile and wireless technologies and development of modern applications in these networks. Our further purpose is involvement of SMEs in the mentioned activities.

The MIK started the work with unique professional profile and a special testbed, which is suitable for developing and testing up-to-date mobile and wireless applications in modern wireless communication environment supporting the MIK’s mission of which principal elements, that are expected to change rapidly according to the actual trends and research outcomes, are the followings:

  • Supporting research and development in high speed mobile and wireless communication technologies including the technology trends of B3G (beyond 3rd generation)
  • Facilitating the installation of 3G/4G mobile and wireless technologies and network services, installation of systems and applications based on them, and testing in independent environment
  • Encouraging creation, development and practical application of the novel mobile communication technologies and services
  • Helping the close research and development co-operation between universities and industrial SMEs, sponsoring the small companies founded for development of mobile technologies and services
In long term aspect the Mobile Innovation Centre intends to become the regional Hungarian R&D centre in its scientific field, moreover, to encourage settlement and capital investment of international high-tech enterprises in Hungary and, by this, to improve the technology level of the country and to raise employment and economic development.