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RF Instruments

The radio frequency investigation of the testbed elements requires special RF measurement instruments. The mentioned measurements can be performed by the use of various spectrum analysers, signal generators which are suitable for testing special communication standard conformity as well as the general RF analysis. The RF Instruments can be used by business partners for a certain fee. The terms and conditions are summarized in document Fees of RF Measurements in the Mobile Innovation Centre

1       Spectrum Analyzers

The MIK has desktop and handheld spectrum analysers. The desktop Rohde&Schwarz FSP spectrum analizer is suitable for investigation of radiated and conducted RF signal up to 3 GHz. Due to its installed options the FSQ-26 signal analizer can be used for precious measurements and special RF analysis up to 26 GHz. Presently this instrument is suitable for RF analysis of 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE (uplink, downlink), WiMAX and WLAN systems, and the VSA (Vector Signal Analyzer) function is also available. The FSH3 spectrum analyzer is a useful instrument in mobile measurements, for instance in field tests. Even measurements with special scheduling, e.g. 24-hour measurements, are availble if a computer is appropriately connected with a special measurement software.

2       Signal Generators

Several measurement scenarios require generation and radiation of special signals of a certain telecommunication system. In these cases signal generator can be applied. The Mobile Innovation Centre also has signal generators, which are the R&S SMIQ 03HD and the SMU200A instruments. The latter one is equipped with several special options thus enabling generation of 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE (uplink, downlink), WiMAX and WLAN signals.

3       Oscilloscopes

In may cases the radio signals should be investigated in time domain. This function is ensured by oscilliscopes, which are available in MIK: the desktop scope (Agilent Infiniium 54832B) with higher bandwidth and the handheld (Fluke 199C) scopemeter and its supplementary software. Apart from these two mentioned scopes, some other low-performance oscilloscopes are also available.

4       Communication Testers

The communication testers are indispensible in exhausting functional tests of mobile equipments. These instruments emulate the operation of cellular mobile networks thus enabling various communication processes like voice call, sms sending etc., while several parmeters can be measured. In this cathegory the Agilent 8922H GSM Tester and the R&S CMU200 (GSM, 3G, HSDPA, Bluetooth) are available in the Mobile Innovation Centre.

5       Other Instruments, RF Elements

Apart from the mentioned devices, the MIK LAb has several other useful instruments, such as a R&S ZVB-8 Network Analyzer , other function and signal generators, channel simulator etc. The laboratory is also equipped with antennas, couplers, cables, attenuators, adapters, which are necessary for the RF communication.