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The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2017 29-09-2017

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2017 on the 29th of September. Within the frames of this […]

The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2016 16-09-2016

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2016. Within the frames of this program on September 30th, 2016 […]

1app Application Development Competition – Announcement of Results 16-09-2016

The result announcement ceremony of this year 1app Application Development Competition (by the BME Mobile Innovation Centre) will be held […]

1app Application Development Competition 04-03-2016

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Future RFID

In this project in co-operation with the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research and the Institute of Mathematics and […]

NSN Software Development

Within the frames of co-operation with the Nokia Solutions and Networks our colleagues worked on software maintenance and development related […]


In the next decade of the development of the complex heterogeneous networks (originated in the fixed-mobile convergence) the high speed […]

Mevico.HU Cellular Mobile Network Developments for Support of Individual User Experience

The wideband cellular mobile networks will have to serve increasing user traffic demands, even thousand times higher than the current […]


Within the frames of a joint project the Mobile Innovation Centre and the AITIA Internationals develop a malware detection system […]

New Generation IMS-based Mobile Social Multimedia Services

The current market and technology mainstreams intend to make the mobile phone be a certain kind of multifunctional device that […]

High-intelligence High-reliability Electronic Surveillance System for Military and Civil Defense Purposes

The aim of the project is development of a modern intelligent survey system for defense purposes having several unique parameters […]

Development of Hosted Multimedia Contact Center in IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Environment

The goal of this project is implementation of a multimedia contact center application platform with distributed operation based on NGN […]

New e- and t-commerce Multipayment Platform and e-content Driven Micropayment and e-society Forming System for e-market

This project work was aimed at elaboration and realization of plans of a universal and wide-range used commercial (payment and […]

Automatic Fax Testing

In this project the MIK set a target at development of a special system that can perform automated tests in […]

mWallet Solution for Blackberry 10 Platform

During this project a complete NFC wallet payment solution has been developed for Blackberry 10 operation system. The implemented demo […]

IST-ANEMONE Project – IPv6 Developments-Mobil Internet-Packet Switched Core Network

The ANEMONE Consortium was formed with the participation of four European countries (Finland, France, Italy, Hungary) and seven partners: Thales […]

Celtic-BOSS Project

In this international project a solution has been elaborated for efficient video-control system operation (requiring low human resource) in public […]

Use Cases for ISIM, USIM and GSM Based Security Solutions

In the mobile telecommunications a generation change is presently in progress, meanwhile more and more new possibilities arise. The IP […]

Comparison of ATCA Platforms

Production of telecommunication infrastructure can be regarded as strictly oligopolistic business. The ACTA is the first industrial standard that defines […]

General Coordination and Design Expert Works in System Engineering

As a subcontractor of the ENTEL Ltd. a system plan for 1st phase of the MVM backbone extension to district […]

Dimensioning and Preliminary Design of Cellular Mobile Networks

During this project the challenge was the functional specification of a mobile network and its elements based on the planned […]

Modeling and Qualifying of Period I of “MVM Telecommunication Network for Realization EKG Consolidation” in the National Network Development Project

As a subcontractor of the ENTEL Ltd. the Mobile Innovation Centre analyzed the system design of the MVM backbone network […]

System and HLD Design Study for NKKI Network

The study on system design (HLD), ordered by the KOPINT-DATORG, contains technical background of the governmental optical backbone network realization. […]

Indoor Localization by Radio Frequency Solutions

The challenge in this project was the elaboration of a multiple technology based system that is able to localize objects […]

Development of Software Modules

In this project software modules were developed with C#, Java and C++ components according to our contractor’s requirements. Development of […]

Mobile 2004 Project

1. Mobile Radio Technologies The purpose of R&D Program 1 is conducting R&D activity related to the radio interface of […]