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The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2017 29-09-2017

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2017 on the 29th of September. Within the frames of this […]

The MIK at Researchers’ Night 2016 16-09-2016

The popular “Researchers’ Night” is also organized again in 2016. Within the frames of this program on September 30th, 2016 […]

1app Application Development Competition – Announcement of Results 16-09-2016

The result announcement ceremony of this year 1app Application Development Competition (by the BME Mobile Innovation Centre) will be held […]

1app Application Development Competition 04-03-2016

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László Pap, Dr : MIK President
László Pap, Dr
Electrical Engineer, DSc
MTA Regular Member
MIK President
Róbert Schulcz : MIK Managing Director<br />
Róbert Schulcz
Electrical Engineer, MSc
MIK Managing Director
Hassan Charaf, Dr : MIK Service Development Director
Hassan Charaf, Dr
Electrical Enginner, PhD, engineer-economist
Associate Professor
MIK Service Development Director

Sándor Imre, Dr : MIK Scientific Research Director
Sándor Imre, Dr
Electrical Engineer, DSc
Professor, Head of Department
MIK Scientific Research Director

Financial Staff

R&D Engineers

Szabolcs Barna :
Szabolcs Barna
IT Engineer, MSc

Ferenc Kozák :
Ferenc Kozák
IT Engineer, MSc

Aszter Nagy :
Aszter Nagy
IT Engineer, MSc

Tamás Varga :
Tamás Varga
IT Engineer, MSc


Junior Developers