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1app Application Development Competition 04-03-2016

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Why should you work parallel with the university studies if you can work in the university?

If you are an electrical engineer or IT engineer BSc or MSc student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at BME, choose the Mobile Innovation Centre as the hosting organization of your compulsory internship, because:
  • In our R&D projects you can acquire professional experience that you can use after graduating: you can work with up-to-date and future technologies int he MIK
  • Our cheerful young team consists of experts with the similar mentality as yours
  • The time schedule of the internship is flexible
  • Our laboratory, testbed and office are located on Floor 5 of BME Building I , thus you can flexibly adapt your internship schedule to university timetable, and you can even usefully exploit your spare time between two lectures and do your internship work
  • In most cases you can continue your internship and work out your BSc or MSc Thesis
  • Keep on working in the university after graduating: our continuously expanding team is basicly consists of our internship and graduating students
  • The MIK helps in administration of internship application process and filling in the necessary forms

Which fields you can get familiar with

  • Wireless and wireline technologies
  • Mobile access and core network technologies
  • Application development (mobile client, game) for mobile platforms
  • Online systems, portals, intefaces
  • Linux system operation and automation
  • Ensuring inter-operation of heterogeneous technologies
  • Evolvement and operation of cluster technologies in virtual environment
  • IT security, authentication and encryption procedures
  • System integration with service oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Navigation services based on radio technologies
  • Programming consumer electronic devices, application development (smartTV, set-top box)
  • Application development in NFC and RFID technologies
  • Complex solutions in distributed systems

Internship topics/positions

Do you have idea about your internship topic?

Visit us for an informal discussion and if your proposed topic fits our research and development fields and projects we can make the ideal internship position for you.

Don’t you have tactile concept regarding your internship but your are interested in mobile technologies and the web?

In this case you are welcomed to an informal discussion where we can introduce the points and fields of our ongoing projects that you can join to.

What we can not change

  • The compulsory internship for electrical engineer and IT engineer BSc students is 240 working hours, and 160 hours for MSc students. This should be accomplished in two parts within the given semester and/or in summer period.
  • The intership can be accomplished after specializatzion
  • At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, BME a mandatory condition of graduation for BSc and MSc students (both the electrical engineers and IT engineers) is the completion of the internship course
  • For terms and conditions of compulsory internship, please visit
  • In the given semester you should take the course “internship”in the Neptun system
Regarding the topics and possible consultation appointments, please contact Robert Schulcz.