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The Mobile Innovation Centre

RF Devices and their Deployment


According to its profile the Mobile Innovation Centre operates several technical equipments also including radio devices. As parts of the multi-vendor testbed, the RF devices are shown in Figure1.


Figure 1The MIK testbed

The elements of the MIK RF subnet can be classified as follows:

RF Communication Systems

The RF communication systems are important parts of the whole MIK testbed. All of them are indispensible in aspect of both the daily operation and various project work solutions.

1       Cellular Mobile Network

Since October 2006 the MIK operates a low power indoor third generation cellular mobile (UMTS) network in test mode licensed by the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Hungary). This system consist of standardized core network (SGSN, GGSN, HLR) and access network (RNC, NodeB) elements that ensure real network operation (such as in case of commercial operators). Various services can be tested in functional and radio aspects when mobile equipments are connected, moreover interoperability capability with other networks can also be examined. Our system has been developed many times during the last few years, thus the HSDPA technology is also available. Apart from the access network, the mentioned development has also been performed, therefore the mobile users can access the IPv6 and IMS technologies and their benefits.

2       WLAN Network

In aspect of the operation the MIK WLAN network has important role as it can ensure convenient network access for the staff and our gests. However, this network is not only used in daily routine, but applied in investigation of various functions in which the aim is the examination of the network itself (e.g. operation of an indoor positioning system).

3       Other RF Systems

Amongst the radio frequency technologies applied in the MIK, the RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) has also significant role. Within this system and technology the MIK uses various devices: RFID readers, tags (transponders), antennas, developer kits, other auxiliary RF equipments operating in various frequency bands (LF, HF, UHF). Besides RFID, several other short-range radio devices are investigated, which operate in different frequency bands in various functions, like smart metering etc. Finally, the Bluetooth devices can be mentioned as parts of the communication systems in the Mobile Innovation Centre.